How To Use Lucky Patcher Apk For Android & iOS No-Root

How to use Lucky Patcher: As of now, we are able to access almost all the application from Google play store. Everyone knows that Play store is the family of applications where you can get a number of apps for free. But the thing is there were some apps that are not available on Play store due to the terms and conditions of Google. It does not mean that all these applications come under malware product. There were many applications which could serve better than the existing ones that are available in store. So never consider that all the third party applications will harm your device. Instead, try inquiring regarding the app from the users who have already been using Lucky Patcher apk. You can know the best regarding lucky patcher app only when you through the reviews are given by thousands of successful users. know How to use Lucky Patcher apk for android or ios from here.

Using lucky patcher is very Easy. Lucky Patcher is one among the best applications that will let you remove ads, modify apps, change app’s information, add or delete any data, install and uninstall the inbuilt applications easily. Generally, third party applications will not be available directly in stores. So you need to get these apps by undergoing the rooting process. You can even download the app without rooting your device using apk file link. However for some devices rooting is compulsory to get the app downloaded on their device. If it is required to root your device to have access to these apps, then try installing KingRoot or vRoot applications.

How to Use Lucky Patcher APP Or APK?

how to use lucky patcher to hack games? this is the question asked by many users, just follow detail steps given here in-order to know How to use Lucky Patcher apk for Android or iOS devices and hack games. You might have already seen some Lucky Patchers guide applications. Why are these guides provided? When we deal any known application, we will be able to remember what all the directions we have passed through. When it comes to tricky apps like Luck Patcher, it is not easy to use with the knowledge that you have. So that you need to follow these guides in-order to know the perfect way of using the app. People who have installed Lcuky patcher for the first time may consider that using this app is a tough task. But it is true because this includes some typical tasks to be accomplished by the new user. Just check out the steps given here to know the ways of using Lucky Patcher apk on your device. follow below steps to know how to use lucky patcher to hack games.

Steps To follow, for How to use Lucky Patcher:

  • Open lucky patcher app that has been installed on your device and tap on the app which you want to edit.
  • Then the app will show you different options like app info, launch app etc.
  • Tap on “menu of patches” button and create a modified apk on the next window.
  • Now you have to check out the custom patch applied apk and go through the description given over there.
  • It takes a time to create a modified apk on your device.
  • If you are done with creating the above step the window color will be displayed green or else in red color.
  • The window will show you that you have successfully created a modified apk.
  • If you have failed and observed red color then repeat the same process again.
  • Then tap on install button to get the app installed on your device.
  • this is the solution to your question How to use Lucky Patcher!

How to remove Google ads using Lucky patcher?

  • After installing Lucky patcher apk, tap on “Apk without google apps” button.
  • Then lucky patcher will create a new modified apk of that application.
  • If you have successfully done with creating the modified apk then you window will be shown in green color.
  • If failed in creating a modified file, then you will see a red color window.
  • Which means you need to rebuild the app by repeating the same steps again.
  • Tap on install button so that the app will be downloaded for your device.
  • By this way, you can remove Google ads using lucky patcher and can hack in-app purchases.

Similarly, follow the same steps stated above to remove license verification of different applications present on your device. It might be a tough task to perform the number of times if you are seeing the same red color window. Just uninstall the Lucky patcher and clear all the data related to it. Now install the app again for your device(make sure that you are installing the latest version of Lucky patcher apk). Notify us if we have missed any important thing regarding this app.


You can even install Lucky patcher guide app for better experience. If you are still facing any issues while using Lucky Patcher apk, then comment your issues below. if you still have any doubts regarding How to use Lucky Patcher Apk for android or ios do comment below, we will clarify your doubts. thank you.